• wireless litetouch keyboard
  • wireless litetouch keyboard

wireless litetouch keyboard

At home in both the living room and the office, the highly versatile wireless litetouch keyboard fuses state-of-the-art technology with minimalist design, producing a keyboard which places you at the center of the experience, no matter what the task at hand.

Communicating over a wireless 2.4GHz connection, the litetouch keyboard features an integrated 360° trackball with left and right mouse buttons, negating the need for a separate mouse and proving ideal for living room internet surfing. Low profile backlit quiettouch™ scissor keys combine with intelligent power control, reducing eye strain, extending battery life and allowing you to operate in a dimmed environment.

a touch of freedom

Located to the right of the physical scissor keys, the unique litetouch LCD 3-in-1 touch panel provides you with unprecedented control over your digital life. With a single press, the LCD 3-in-1 touch panel switches between media mode, numerical-pad mode and ‘MyEclipse™’ mode, providing you with a host of commands which can be used to provide dedicated controls for a multitude of activities from replicating a simple office calculator to controlling a complex media center configuration.

When the LCD 3-in-1 touch panel is set to MyEclipse mode, you can personalize the touch panel to access their favorite websites and applications. at a touch of a button. Displaying 12 pre-defined icons covering topics such as shopping, finance, health and entertainment, you can assign each icon with your favorite websites, applications, games, and much more.

You can even allocate up to a maximum of three individual websites along with an application of your choice to each icon, all of which will open at the same time and all at the touch of just one button, ideal should you access multiple websites and applications when shopping or dealing with your online finance.

In addition, the MyEclipse mode provides 5 numbered buttons which you can choose to cover any topic not already included in the pre-defined icons. Setting up MyEclipse is as easy as drag and drop.

touch screen modes

3-in-1 touch panel
  • litetouch™ LCD touch-sensitive Media Panel.
  • Trueview™ backlit keys.
  • Low profile quiettouch™ scissor keys
  • 2.4GHz wireless; Up to 30ft / 10m range
  • Intelligent power control, extending battery life
  • Slim profile: A full sized keyboard for a compact space

System Requirements:
(Windows 7, Windows XP, XP64, Vista )

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