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Robust in construction, the mobilemouse™ uses premium hard-wearing materials with a die cast frame, ensuring that the mouse will stand up to the most demanding of commuter or business use.

The eclipse mobilemouse features impressive technology and understated yet sophisticated good looks

a touch of style

The low profile Scroll Ball allows for effortless 4-way scrolling with audible click feedback. Scroll up, scroll down, scroll at 45° or even through 360°.
Easy to use with no cleaning required.

1600dpi laser technology ensures smooth operation on a variety of surfaces. Fully wireless, the mobilemouse utilizes 2.4GHz technology and a ‘nano-dongle’ for an unobtrusive appearance and rock solid connection at all times.

mobilemouse features flexigrip™, an adjustable back leg which affords flexibility and in hand comfort, allowing you to achieve your preferred optimum glide height.


360° scroll
  • 4 button 2.4GHz wireless; Up to 30ft / 10m range
  • Scroll ball (allows 4 way 360o scrolling)
  • FlexGrip™ two stage height adjustment
  • Nano dongle, storable inside mouse
  • 1600dpi laser

System Requirements:
(Windows 7, Windows XP, XP64, Vista and Mac OS X)

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